Monday, August 07, 2006

International Organizations : An Overview

Acceptance of new policy initiatives by the countries over the world through the directions shown by certain international organizations has brought great changes in the faces of the economies over the world. International organizations have stepped forward through the noble thought of “World is a family” to justify the true spirit of globalization accepted by the countries over the World. The role of international organizations such as IMF, World Bank, IFC, WTO, ADB, NAFTA and WTO is marked worthy.

International Trade over the globe is following a dimension of trade in goods to trade in services. Today’s emerging market economies such as India and China have become able enough to become the front line players in the field of services sector. Both international organizations as well as trade blocs have contributed a lot to foster international trade over the world.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Economy : An Overview

Simply an economy can be defined as a system, which provides living to the peoples. Presently almost all countries economies are following the mantra of globalization. In this era the concept of economy provides living to more than 6 billions peoples over the world. Parameters like income, employment, growth and others act as the indicators of an economy. On the basis of these parameters all the economies of the world are classified in to lower income, middle income and higher income economies.

In an environment of global scarcity of energy in the world, the meaning of fuel economy possesses high importance. This concept of fuel economy simply means as fuel required by a vehicle for covering a given distance.
The benefits of Fuel Economy can be measured from following angles:
It enables to make energy friendly vehicles
It conserves resources
Raises people’s participation

Economic relationship among the countries in the world is growing very fast over the world. Different sectors of the economy particularly the Business and Economy are facing a higher degree of competition. Top industrialized countries have stepped forward to enhance the world’s Business and Economy. The emerging market economies of the world are running faster to develop this sector.